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As you may have guessed, it's a site for my chatbots, and it's somewhat themed around Sailor Moon, one of my favourite animes. Not that I've watched that many, but still.

I am not very profecient in writing long things without much substance, especially when it's 3:55 AM, but I'll try my very best. PSA: The text below is centered around me, Pasha Tehnik, and not my chatbots. For that, please, click on the "Bots" link right above Sailor Moon herself.

Let's start this with some spicy info... My name is not Pasha Tehnik. Yeah, you've read that right! It's not even my nickname, I just thought it would be funny to have people refer to me as Pasha Tehnik. I don't even listen to the guy's music that much. Alright, now that we are past that, here is some fun facts about me:

I catfished a guy from Belarus for $150 by pretending to be his GF for around 4 months (you may laugh, but for 14 years old me, that amount of money was something out of this world, considering I am from Russia)

I like beer

I like to play League and Dota 2 (Draven and Juggernaut mainly).

My favourite game of all time is CrossCode (thank you, /v/)

I have 2500-ish hours in TF2 (80% of which were spent on various Jail servers)

My favourite chatbot is Lisette

Thank you for reading!

Now, after reading all that, you may have a question - who actually cares? And my answer for that is simple - I have no idea! Have fun on my site, space cowboy.

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